What is a swedish massage?

What is a swedish massage?

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1. 3 Interpretations of Swedish Meaning
(1) Swedish is a type of oil massage derived from Sweden and is one of the top five massages in the world. It has various effects and effects, such as stimulating the flow of muscles and blood, relieving pain and stress, and improving immunity and sleep quality. In addition, as a massage that uses warm oil to stimulate lymph and remove waste, it is effective for health and skin.
(2) 'Swedish' is an English word meaning 'of Sweden', which is an adjective that refers to Swedish language, culture, people, etc.
In conclusion, Swedish massage, which is frequently searched in Korea, means Swedish massage. (Refer to Wikipedia, short for Swedish massage)

Then, let's take a deeper look at the Swedish massage from now on.

Swedish massage was first defined in Sweden in the 1830s. It was named after Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling in the 19th century and included massage in the medical gymnastics system he created.
2. Features and Guides of Swedish
The basis of swedish is said to have treated elbow injuries using irritation around the pain area.

The friction of the Swedish massage is used to relax and improve the body's function through stretching and contacting. Generally, the Swedish massage focuses on relaxing and treating the whole body and shoulders, back, waist, and fingers.

The Swedish massage can be used to heal mental and physical stability and mental effects by using oil. It also circulates blood throughout 군산토닥이 the body, helping skin beauty and lipolysis.
Swadish oil is a combination of natural and oil-based oils that can be selected to suit your physical needs. Swadish oil is traditionally made using only natural ingredients, which do not contain artificial flavors or pigments. There are many types of swadish oils, including aromatherapy and soothing oils, soothing and exfoliating oils, 대전토닥이 and stress relief oils.
a modern swadish massage
Initially starting out in the medical system, Swedish massage at various massage shops now improves blood circulation, relieves muscle stress and pain, and increases flexibility. It is also a massage widely known to the public as a means of healing as a means of promoting complete relaxation of muscles.

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